Larry Millstein
Past President, Foresight

“Marcia is – in a word or two – just great! She is just about the only person I’ve worked with who exceeded my expectations and even my hopes in every way. She grasped what I wanted to do. She found ways to do it- with limited resources. She anticipated, filled in the blanks, improvised and always got a 110% result for me. She did so not only for what was clearly within the expected scope of her work but for anything else the came up and needed attention. She took responsibility not just for her part of the conference but for the success of the conference as a whole; and as a result of her willingness to stretch it was a great success. She is also fantastic with people (she recruited an entire team of volunteers for us, solo).  She understands the nuances of logistics and pricing and works extremely well with venue staff and service providers. And she has impeccable taste – in food, wine, decor, layout and printed materials, among other things. I was very fortunate to have Marcia as the organizer and majordomo for my conference, and I certainly plan to have her for all my conferences in the future.”

Alexandra Carmichael
Past Director, Quantified Self

“Marcia made our first Quantified Self conference a huge success while keeping everything calm and positive. She took care of every last detail, and she was always very willing to adapt and accommodate to our needs. Her communication with everyone involved in the conference was consistently supportive and respectful. Marcia does amazing work, all with a smile. We will definitely be working with her again!”

Gary Wolf
Co-Founder, Quantified Self

“Marcia’s calm, expert leadership in managing our conference logistics allows us to focus on the program, knowing that every detail will flow smoothly. Marcia leads most of the work related to the facility, including selection and contracts. She manages set-up, catering, and registration, and she has worked closely with us on special requirements, such as healthy fresh food for every meal. We LOVE working with her.”

Christine Peterson
Founder, Foresight Institute

“For years I’ve relied entirely on Marcia to handle virtually all the logistics for our conferences, including venue evaluation, contract negotiations, speaker travel, designing programs and signage, selecting menus, estimating meal counts (more important than it may sound!), and supervising the event on-site. She’s extremely organized, handles detail with ease, and has one of the highest personal energy levels I’ve ever seen. She’s a “killer negotiator” and has been great at producing high-quality meetings at the lowest possible budget. And speaking personally, I’ve found her a joy to work with.”

Jim Von Ehr
CEO, Zyvex

“Marcia was my marketing interface with the Foresight Conferences – signing me up as a sponsor, and making sure I saw value for that sponsorship money once at the conference. She is the epitome of “vivacious” – full of energy, upbeat, and well connected. She was usually the first person I said hello to, and often the last I said goodbye to when attending the conferences, and always in the hallways during the conference, making sure things went smoothly, or fixing things that weren’t going well.

I can heartily recommend getting her involved throughout the conference process – she is excellent!”

J. Fraser Stoddart
Dept. of Chemistry Northwestern University
11th Foresight Conference Keynote Speaker
2016 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

“First of all, let me congratulate you on pulling off another miracle in conference organization. Your choice of venue, as you know, met with my enthusiastic approval – easy to get to and delightful on reaching. I congratulated quite a few of the hotel staff. I found them to be unusually helpful and extremely pleasant. I am sure that it was no accident and that your eye for quality and professionalism played a considerable part in the choice of the venue. Your organization of the tutorial session and what little I saw of the main conference left me in awe of your achievements. Attention to detail and your personal involvement make what you do simply perfect. Thank you!”

Christopher Gorman
Professor of Chemistry
North Carolina State University

“It was my pleasure to co-organize a conference with Marcia Seidler. Her attention to detail and her excellent organization skills enhanced every feature of the conference and significantly increased the impact that the science had on the attendees. I strongly recommend her.”

Hicham Fenniri
Senior Research Officer – Professor of Chemistry
National Institute for Nanotechnology & Department of Chemistry
National Research Council & the University of Alberta

“Marcia Seidler is a joy to work with. Her brilliant organizational skills, marvelous personality and rich experience make her the best conference organizer I have ever met.”

Susan B. Sinnott
Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
University of Florida

“I had the pleasure of working with Marcia Seidler on the 8th, 9th and 10th Foresight Conferences on Molecular Nanotechnology when I was either the Tutorial Chair or Conference Co-Chair. She always ensured that everything went smoothly and that the conference attendees left satisfied. This meeting always receives numerous compliments on the arrangements and this is all due to Marcia Seidler. She is not only a complete professional but a real joy to work with. I recommend her services as a conference organizer without any reservations!”

Ralph Merkle
Georgia Tech and Foresight Institute

“Marcia Seidler’s work as conference planner made the Foresight conferences on Molecular Nano- technology incredibly successful. Her ability to organize, plan, negotiate and keep conferences on track despite the many slings and arrows of outrageous fortune are phenomenal. She’s the best.”

San Francisco, CA Bay Area